About Us


Gallops Canada is a Canadian company, led and operated by the same ownership for a decade. We are committed to providing recycling solutions for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional customers across Ontario. In 2018, we opened a 45,000 sqft warehouse and a processing center in Toronto, Ontario, which offers recycling solutions for our operation.

Gallops Canada is a global enterprise dedicated to commodity trading and international logistic solutions for recycled paper and plastics. 

Gallops Canada is Canada’s fastest-growing recycled paper exporter and Importer of Paper products and currently serves over 30 paper mills in the Asian markets. Gallops Canada covers all paper materials products and recycled materials, trading and logistics.

Gallops Canada currently processes approx 75000MT of residential, commercial and industrial recycled paper and cardboard worldwide. In Ontario, we are presently servicing eight cities belonging to the Region of Durham( Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Carlington, Brock, Uxbridge, and Scugog ) with their residential and commercial paper recycling. 

Our Team


The company is structured with responsibility and ownership based but a seamless value stream. A highly competent leadership team is driving the value stream with a dynamic group of people supporting the operations. We believe that you deserve the best customer experience in the industry, and it’s that quality of service. Our staff shares our commitment to service. We’re more than a company: we’re a team, from friendly customer service representatives to seasoned sales professionals, dedicated drivers, and highly trained processing employees.